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Superintendent Tom Bailey's has pushed for huge pay increases for the teachers in the past years.  This year the teachers again got a income   increase which is double the inflation rate. Superintendent Bailey  said in the June 24, 2003 board meeting that the reason for the huge increases in the past years is because the teachers in the S-VE  district are paid in the bottom third of other local schools. The stats below were part of an Ithaca Journal article. It shows, that our teachers were  paid in the TOP third. One wonders why the superintendent is pulling this stuff? Is it to make excuses for the incredible pay increases that he has received himself? Last year he got a pay increase which was MANY times the inflation rate!

The remarkable fact is that S-VE was in  the TOP third from the top. Our teachers were even paid more than the teachers in Trumansburg, which by the way had much better test results than S-VE!

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