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    Clarence "Sonny" Maine Jr. passed away on April 24, 2004. He was a carpenter by trade and volunteered for the  school district's Building Committee.  He forcefully opposed the unnecessary and wasteful  building projects that superintendent Bailey has pushed forward, year after year after year. The building committee was hand picked by Superintendent Bailey. He assembled a majority of school employees and  spouses of school employees whom he could order around or other people who were ardent followers of the superintendent.  Superintendent Bailey flatly refused to let certain people who opposed his excesses to serve on the building committee.  Mr. Maine could not be refused due to  his long time experience, his popularity and distinguished standing  as a leader in the community. He was a powerful voice for common sense on the building committee.  Mr. Maine expressed his opinion about the Bailey building projects in the article below. Mr. Maine was  a man of courage, unafraid to express his reasoned opinion.

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