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Tom  C Bailey, our former superintendent used to scare the the voters to vote for his building projects by claiming that every vote was a last chance to get building aid at our normal level. He started with the scaremongering already in1993 selling a building project. He used the same untrue threats  fore every other building project he was pushing. The tactics worked, the district is, as everyone knows, in deep debt and has suffered tax increases of almost 30%. in one year. The new superintendent, Steve Schoonmaker has regrettably continued the scaremongering which has gone on for at least 14 years. The material below shows the falsehoods that Tom Bailey told to manipulate the voters. The truth is, that despite Bailey's false claims, the state aid was not changed in 1994 or 1999 or any other time in between.  We have now in 2007  exactly the same aid as we had in 1993 when Bailey and Bossard claimed that the aid would be cut!.  Now they are at it again!  After 14 years of lies, are you ready   for the truth?  After absorbing the facts, remember the rule: Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!


Tom Bailey and Kermit Bossard put out a propaganda article that was sent on taxpayer expense to homes in the S-VE district.  The text to the right is from the actual September 1993 issue of their" Viewpoint". The text to the right is what actually happened.

2) The claim that there would be cut in building aid on June 30, 1994 was a flat out lie. Nothing happened to the building aid. My opinion  is,  that the falsehood was included to scare the voters to vote for the spending. The lie seems to have been purposeful, because Tom C Bailey and Bossard did not apologize for it even after everyone could confirm that their claims were untrue. Seems that they were proud that the lie worked!

3) The $ 1,1 million dollars that was in the  reserve fund when superintendent Bailey came here in 1992 was spent, and to rebuild it, while continuing to still waste money elsewhere, we were facing enormous tax increases.

4) Another bold face lie! We were still in 2003 having higher taxes, because we have to pay back the bonds that financed the building.  Also note how the story changes from 3. where they said money had to be borrowed to 4. when they said that the money was already in reserves!


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Superintendent Bailey and Jim Loomis were back to selling a building project again in 1999. New project, same bull.

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Superintendent Steve Schoonmaker was selling in the November 27, 2007 Board meeting another 8 million dollar building project!!  We already have room for 1700 students in our district so the student population can increase with 700 students before we need more space. The student population is in a free fall and has declined 15% since 2000, so the 29 million building addition was a huge, costly mistake. Jim Loomis and Tom Bailey were the main perpetrators on that one.  With all the unused space and 15 years left to pay for the last mistake, it is incredible that  superintendent Steven Schoonmaker is pushing to spend another 8 million dollars on buildings! During superintendent Schoonmakers' term our district has preformed poorly in state mandated tests so we are on  the "schools in need of improvement" list where only the worst of the worst schools are classified. We are doing so poorly that the state has put restrictions on spending, which has increased local taxes because unlike other school districts we cannot use  increases in  state aid  to offset local taxes. That cost us 1 million in local taxes last year. With that kind of record one would hope that superintendent Schoonmaker would focus on getting us out from the academic hole instead of digging  us deeper in the financial hole.

These people are ruthless against the elderly who cannot afford to pay for the waste and mismanagement in the school budgets. They have no scruples to evict an 83 year old childless widow from her home.  Click here to read   what the school board did to my former neighbor Martha Purje.