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When you get a propaganda pamphlet that has no sender or return address a few days before an election, you can be prepared to read some world-class lies. You began to wonder – “who are these people?” The pamphlet from “Friends of Education” that came before the Budget vote on May 12, 2006 exceeded all tall tales that have so far    been told. It stated, “We are not trying to sell anything” and then went on to distort the truth. If they are not trying to influence our vote decision, where is the phone number E-mail address or anything that would guide us to them for further info and to challenge their claims? We also need to know if any school employees have joined this liars club, so we can protect the children.

   Here are some questions that they need to address:


   The “Friends of Education” claim that we had in 2005-06 an increase of 21% in tax levy.  The new superintendent did in fact pull a mumbo jumbo tax math over the eyes of the board, and they voted to pass the tax increase. (I voted against)   The increase was in fact 29.9% as everyone can see from their tax bill.  The rest of their tax claims are more mumbo jumbo.


The “Friends of Education” claim ” that the enrollment of Spencer-Van Etten has not gone down, but has actually gone up 43 students in the last year.

  The fact is that the enrollment has gone down for years, and building the new space was a folly, brought about by superintendent Bailey. The cost is about 28 million dollars.

Click here for the actual and projected enrollment that the district put out on April 10, 2006. Do you see an increase of student population of 43? The truth is that we have lost another 122 students or about 10% since the new buildings went up.   The added space caused us to have so much empty rooms that we could house 52% more students than we have now.  The 2000 census projected a total enrollment decline of 17.6%.  


The level of education in our district is such that the “friends of education” are reduced to celebrate the fact that most students do not outright fail the state minimum for passing!  The fact is that for example in eight grades English about half of the class has failed every year since 1999. That led to the state to classifying our middle school as a "School in Need Of Improvement.  Of 4000 schools in the state only 166 non New York City schools were as bad as S-VE. Click here to see the actual last warning letter that the state sent to Superintendent Bailey.  There was no great improvement in the results even that closing the school and sending the students elsewhere loomed in our future. Click here for the test results 1999-2005


 On the last page of the propaganda leaflet the anonymous    people who made it up, ask the people to vote for the budget. They never mentioned how much your taxes were to go up. The fact is that nobody knows before August. Last year we were told that the tax increase was to be 12%. After the before mentioned mumbo jumbo tax math, we were hit with a 29.9% increase! It could happen again. As long as you have a majority of 4 people on the board who are prepared to “sock it to” the taxpayers, the taxes will go up, and they are not shy to confiscate your land and throw you into the snow bank. Click here to read how they did it to my 83-year-old neighbor Martha Purje.


 The anonymous pamphleteers   further say “we are frankly tired of the uncivilized and misleading information that has dirtied the Spencer-Van Etten dialog over the past several years.”  I hope that the anonymous people who wrote the whoppers would admit to who they were. Here we have one subject that I would like to co-operate with them.  They have no doubt been prompted   by the corrosive tone in Letters to the Editor by members of the school establishment such as Denise Price and a middle school teacher, Rick Rogers, who did his attacking without mentioning that he is a teacher union activist. How low will they go?

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